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Custom Review

napbak has exceeded all my expectations with his talent to play instruments, including piano, keyboards and especially guitars acoustic and electric ones. If you are lucky enough to work with Napbak, you will notice his deep musical talent and professionalism.

  • Michael Angelo - HAWAI.

Your music, our support

Your music, your choice. For example can be recorded with a guitar, piano, voice and a simple rhythmic base. With these instruments it may already sound like a great song. This first option is excellent to start and see results with your music.

If you need a professional recording or production, you can also send fully written songs, song lyrics or a sample recording.

You can add more instruments, choirs, guitar or synthesizer solos, etc. In all options, you can sing the song or play an instrument, or you can hire instrumentalists with high skills.

BEATS for your music

Whatever your style, you can add one of our "beats" to get a great song.

Our Videos


Our work in videos

Your music is important ... and also the look that goes along with it. napbak works to make your video sound shocking and successful.

All musical styles.

Whatever your musical style, it can sound professionally and win fans for its great quality.


How do you work with napbak?

You can send a demo of your recorded song from any device (your smartphone or other devices) Or you can send the chords, the lyrics or simply your voice humming the song.

What about the rights of each song?

It depends on what you decide and what you deliver as part of the original work.
Each song will be treated individually so you will be always satisfied with the results and your rights about it.

Is napbak a recording studio?

Yes, napbak is a recording studio and everything you need to create your own songs:
Musicians, singers, producers and administrators of promotion in digital media